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MetaPhysics MASS STACKER 3kg (40 Serves)

MetaPhysics MASS STACKER 3kg (40 Serves)

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  • Powerhouse blend of Whey & Casein protein delivers sustained release aminos to muscles
  • Massive 436 calories, 43gms protein, 47gms carbohydrates per 75gm serving in 300ml milk
  • Loaded with 3 grams muscle building Creatine in every serve, Glutamine, BCAAs, AAKG & more
  • With Medium Chain Triglycerides, an efficient fat source providing direct energy to muscles
  • Contains Maltrin M100 from GPC USA, high quality carbohydrate that helps lean weight gain
  • For sports people, hard gainers and bodybuilders. Mass Stacker assists mass building programs
  • Unbelievable flavours! Mixes instantly into a delicious milkshake. The pinnacle of mass gainers!

Suggested Serving Size:  Mix 75 grams (5 level scoops) in 300ml of water or milk in a shaker bottle. Add the fluid first followed by the powder, shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

Can be used anytime of the day between meals, preferably take one serve after exercise to help recovery & provide all the nutrients required for muscle growth & mass gain.