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Scorpion BETA ALANINE 180 grams (60 serves)

Scorpion BETA ALANINE 180 grams (60 serves)

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  • Scorpion 100% Pure Beta Alanine is premium quality - absolutely NO fillers or additives
  • Beta Alanine popularity is soaring due to its ability to enhance the effectiveness of Creatine
  • Research has proven that combined they may significantly improve muscle mass & strength
  • Beta Alanine may help boost energy by increasing Carnosine levels - a lactic acid buffer
  • Decreasing lactic acid build up in muscle cells allows you to train harder & for longer periods
  • Higher intensity workouts & improved recovery means greater gains in strength & growth
  • Many believe Beta Alanine is one of the most exciting new developments in sports nutrition

Suggested Serving Size:  Take 3 grams (half a teaspoon) in water.
Take one serve before training to boost energy. Another serve can be taken post training to support replenishment of Carnosine levels.

A prickly/flushing sensation maybe felt taking Beta Alanine, this is normal & subsides quickly.