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Lean Shot Protein
MetaPhysics LEANSHOT Protein

MetaPhysics LEANSHOT Protein

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EXTREME DEFINITION FORMULA                                 

  • LeanShot is the ultimate high protein, low carb, low fat shake loaded with popular fat burners
  • With 80% protein & just 110 calories per serve LeanShot is ideal to aid body fat reduction
  • Supplies Caseinate & Whey Concentrate, the perfect proteins to assist weight management
  • Amino acids stacked with Beta Alanine, Glycine, Taurine & Inositol for enhanced muscle sparing
  • Potent blend of Hydroxy-Plex6: Coleus, HCA, Synephrine, Caffeine, Green Tea & Carnitine
  • Loaded with fat burners & vitamins, LeanShot helps males & females reduce fat & boost energy
  • LeanShot flavours are amazing, a treat for the taste buds & mixes easily into a satisfying shake.

Suggested Serving Size:  Mix 28 grams (2 & ½ scoops) in 200ml of water or non-fat milk in a shaker bottle. Add the fluid first followed by the powder, shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

Best taken in the morning to boost protein intake & energy. Can be used before or after exercise.

Don't consume later than mid-afternoon as the caffeine in LeanShot may adversely affect sleep.